Luxury Fur Outerwear Specialists

Bijoux Bijon is a family run business which is based in London, where we design all of our pieces. All of our pieces are handmade using carefully selected materials of the highest quality. We like to ensure that every single one of our pieces always meet the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in our Craftmanship & Customer Care. Whilst our designs incorporate emerging trends, we like to make pieces that are versatile & timeless. When you order one of our pieces, you can be assured that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that they are made to last & if cared for properly, can be passed down generations as an heirloom.

We offer 'Bespoke' & 'Made to Measure' high-end fur garments. You can customise your pieces by choosing from our range of furs, 40 colours & the options to add or remove a hood or collar, lengthen or shorten sleeves. Our service ensures we can tailor your garment to your specifications.

"Natural Fur - the responsible choice"